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Benefits of Advertising
with Sling TV

Gain access to over-the-top premium Live and VOD inventory, with no ad blockers, bots, or below-the-fold concerns.

Attract Next-Generation

Access Premium


100% Viewability

98% Completion Rate

90% of Ads Viewed
on TV

Viewing Platform

Sling TV is the industry's first over-the-top live TV offering that attracts younger, educated, digitally dependent urbanites. Sling TV provides a personalized viewing environment to consume Live and VOD content across multiple devices.

Diverse List
of Networks

Access to
Multiple Platforms

Custom Targeting

Get closer to your desired audience by leveraging our custom targeting capabilities.

Robust Reporting

Take advantage of multi-platform measurement and analytics data with robust post-campaign reports.

Address Your Audience

Now alongside DISH, Sling TV is uniquely positioned to execute cross-platform addressable campaigns that connect brands with consumers, allowing brands to seamlessly target specific audiences no matter where, what, or how they are consuming content.

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Stay focused in an ever-evolving landscape with ground-breaking solutions that span TV and digital.