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Take TV impressions into the digital world, with real-time purchasing, targeting, and ROI optimization.

Benefits of Programmatic

Blend real-time purchasing of targeted inventory with proprietary data to create new efficiencies and extract the most value per impression.

Real-time automation

Cross-platform exposure

Custom Data

Adjustable targeting

Transparent reporting

How It Works

Our programmatic solution utilizes precise, targeted addressable inventory to deliver the advertiser's relevant creative to the desired household, only when the viewer's set-top box is on.

Identify and purchase audience in an automated environment

Creative is trafficked by DISH Media Sales and is transported to the satellite

Satellite acquires creative and delivers to DVRs in targeted households

Creative remains on DVR and is placed in designated ad break

When the TV is turned on, the ad is delivered to the targeted household

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Today, DISH is able to provide an efficient and transparent way for programmatic technology platforms to access media at scale via BidSwitch. If you're a DSP, we have the solution for you.

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