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Benefits of Interactive

Engage your audience with interactive commercials, custom apps, branded channels and more. Combine with addressable inventory to maximize relevance and lead generation.

Commercial With Trigger

Enhance brand exposure with tailored messages that lead viewers to a specific channel, program, interactive application or show's DVR page.

Interactive Apps

Converge the digital experience with television. Drive brand objectives and gain valuable insights through video and photo galleries, interactive games, on-screen requests for information and mobile extensions.

Game Finder

Capture sports fans through one centralized hub. Game Finder is the ultimate sports discovery experience, featuring live-action games accompanied by a real-time scoreboard panel.

Custom Sports Apps

Advertisers can now reach sports fans in an interactive environment, aligning their brands with the action throughout the year. Apps include scores, stats, standings, and matchups.


DISH's interactive hub provides advertisers with a variety of branding opportunities, including creative backgrounds, display banners, live video channel placement, interactive app listings and scrolling ticker text.

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