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Benefits of Addressable

Drive revenue by delivering to the right audience at the right moment. With addressable TV, an advertiser can pinpoint its audience and send a specific brand message to specific viewers.

Timing &

Data Expansion

Waste Management

Frequency Management


How Does Addressable Work?

Establish targets

Leverage DISH and Sling data

Pull consumer insights from data

Identify the right audience

Deliver your brand message

Generate performance reports

Advanced Targeting

Leverage our advanced targeting capabilities by accessing DISH households and Sling TV devices to get closer to your target audience.


Multiple Devices

Customer List

Purchasing Data

Robust Reporting

Maximize ROI with intuitive post-campaign reports packed with extensive performance data.

  • Cumulative reach and frequency
  • Impressions by hour and day of week
  • Custom ROI reporting
  • - Sales lift results
  • - Survey data

Data Partners

Addressable Wins

See how leading brands have gained an edge over their competition by leveraging DISH Media Sales' addressable advertising solutions.


Direct Response Win

Find out how Diray Media, a leading Direct Response agency, utilized addressable targeting alongside their traditional media mix to drive retail sales during the holiday season.



Discover how a large automotive manufacturer used addressable to drive sales within its specific target and accrue nearly 26x their investment.



Discover how a national consumer packaged goods brand used addressable to drive sales within their specific target and accrue sales 3x their investment.

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