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April 18, 2017 | Multichannel News

Sling TV Touts Rise in Programmatic Ad Sales

Sling TV, Dish Network’s OTT TV service, said it saw a sharp rise in programmatic ad sales during the NCAA men’s basketball tournament amid a partnership with supply-side platform Tremor Video.

April 18, 2017 | Tremor Video

Sling TV Programmatic Milestone a Slam Dunk for Advertisers

For the very first time, brands could buy a distributor’s premium live TV impressions in a real-time auction, and have their ads run during the must-watch NCAA tournament and surrounding sports coverage.

April 6, 2017 | Multichannel News

Brian Norris Named VP of DISH Media Sales

Brian Norris has been named VP of DISH Media Sales, where he'll oversee ad sales, analytics and operations for DISH and Sling TV.

March 23, 2017 | AdWeek

Sling TV is Partnering With Adobe for Programmatic Advertising

Sling TV is getting into programmatic advertising, partnering with Adobe’s newly unveiled Advertising Cloud to let brands bid in real time on livestreaming and video on demand.

March 23, 2017 | MediaVillage

Adobe and Sling TV Bring Real-Time Advertising To Live Streaming TV

Adobe and Sling TV have opened the streaming TV service's premium live video ad impressions to all Adobe Advertising Cloud U.S. clients.

December 21, 2016 | AdExchanger

It's Still Early Days for DISH and Programmatic TV

There's a lot of hype around programmatic TV. Adam Gaynor, VP of media sales and analytics at Dish, acknowledges that his company is still in the "crawl phase."

December 20, 2016 | Digiday

"Programmatic is a process": DISH exec talks big data and addressable TV

Although ad tech's immersion into TV has been slow-going so far, Dish is bringing automation to the industry through its programmatic exchange and addressable products.

November 8, 2016 | DRMA

How Addressable Advertising Brings Data and ROI to DRTV

At the foundation of a DRTV buy is the need to drive measurable action from consumers who have directly viewed a brand's commercial.

November 7, 2016 | ANA

The Evolution Will Be Addressed

Advances in technology mean addressable TV advertising is the next step in mass marketingto consumers. Here's what it means for findingthe right audience, measurability, and finally proving ROI.

October 20, 2016 | MediaVillage

First Movers Gain the Addressable Edge

Addressable advertising has reached a critical point. At nearly 50 million, more than 42% of U.S. households are now addressable – meaning advertisers can deliver the right ad to the right target on a national scale, and these numbers are growing.

October 12, 2016 | MediaVillage

The Evolution of Data-Driven Television

Distribution of the advertiser's message in this era could be accurately measured from a small panel of consumers. A few data dimensions were often enough to represent the entire U.S. population and could tell a story.

October 4, 2016 | MediaVillage

Making Ad Dollars Work Harder: The Five Benefits of Addressable Advertising

Media consumption is becoming increasingly fragmented as new platforms, devices and programs enter the space at a rising rate. With these rapid changes, marketers are scrambling to determine how, where and when to best spend their advertising dollars.

September 13, 2016 | MediaVillage

The Addressable TV Tipping Point: Advertising Held Accountable

Savvy marketers are once again reassessing their longtime partner, TV. Advertisers appreciate that TV's massive audience size and unrivaled engagement enable them to deliver ads successfully at scale on a national level.

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