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Benefits of ONPOINT Addressable

Target more than 8 million individual households by leveraging proprietary data and custom metrics important to your brand. Drive revenue by delivering the right message to the right customer at the right time.

Access to more than 8 million households


Improved content relevancy

Optimized impressions

How ONPOINT Addressable Works

Establish advertiser targets

Leverage set-top box data

Pull consumer insights from data

Identify the right households

Deliver your brand message

Generate performance reports

Household-level Targeting

Leverage our advanced targeting capabilities to get closer to your audience.

Traditional householddemographics

Customer list matches

Third party purchase data

Robust Reporting

Maximize ROI with intuitive post-campaign reports packed with extensive performance data.

  • Cumulative reach and frequency
  • Impressions by hour and day of week
  • Custom ROI reporting
  • - Sales lift results
  • - Survey data

ONPOINT Addressable Insights

See how leading brands have gained an edge over the competition by targeting specific markets at key moments.

ONPOINT Addressable Insights Automotive

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ONPOINT Addressable Insights Banking

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ONPOINT Addressable Insights Electronics

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ONPOINT Addressable Insights CPG

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