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ONPOINT Addressable

$26 Million in
Incremental Sales

Discover how a large automotive manufacturer used ONPOINT Addressable to drive sales within its specific target and accrue nearly 26x their investment.

ONPOINT Addressable

72% Boost in National Rating YOY

Learn how a leading sports network leveraged ONPOINT Addressable to increase viewership for their live event and steal market share from their competitor network.

ONPOINT Addressable

62% Conversion Increase by Leveraging Prior Learnings

See how a top pharmaceutical brand utilized key insights from a previous ONPOINT Addressable initiative to improve campaign performance.

ONPOINT Addressable

10% Sales Lift for Small Business Credit Cards

Discover how a national bank leveraged ONPOINT Addressable to boost adoption of credit cards within a niche audience of innovators and entrepreneurs.

ONPOINT Addressable

Game-Changing Shift in Brand Awareness

Learn how a leading consumer electronics brand used ONPOINT Addressable to promote and measure brand awareness among early adopters and smartphone users.

ONPOINT Addressable

3x Return on Investment in CPG Industry

Discover how a national consumer packaged goods brand used ONPOINT Addressable to drive sales within their specific target and accrue sales 3x their investment.

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