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About Us

DISH Media Sales provides advertisers with intelligent solutions to efficiently maximize exposure to desired audiences across DISH and Sling TV. Through innovative platforms, viewer measurement tools, and access to custom audiences on DISH and Sling TV via addressable and programmatic, advertisers employ strategically positioned, demographically targeted buys that enhance their national media campaigns.

Our Mission

At DISH Media Sales, we are fiercely finding the edge. Every advantage matters. Based on a deep understanding of our audience, we mine and point our data to bring out the person at the heart of the equation. Who are they? Where do they live? What do they do? Why do they do it? Behind every data point, there's a face, and behind every face, there's a story. By tuning into consumers and humanizing their data and their stories, we improve timing, relevance, and ultimately, ROI. Only by understanding people and their behavior, can we get to the things that really matter - real people, real life moments, and real results. We fiercely find the edge to turn our audience into your consumers.

Headquartered in New York, with offices in Chicago, Denver and Los Angeles.

The Team

We know every advantage matters, so we will work with you to sharpen your lens and push the envelope until you are aligned with your goals and objectives.


  • Jim D'Antoni Director
    Media Sales


  • Adam LowyDirector
    Advanced TV & Digital Sales


  • Kemal BokhariGeneral Manager
    Data & Analytics


  • Julie DerryGeneral Manager


  • Tim MyersGeneral Manager
    Addressable Operations and Strategic Partnerships


  • Shalyn O'MalleyMarketing Manager
    Media Sales


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