DISH Media Sales


DISH Media Sales connects brands with subscribers who are their desired customers.

DISH opens the door for brands to step through and fully access its subscribers. DISH connects customers with the goods and services that are most meaningful to them as they move through their daily lives.


DISH provides access to spots across the entire cable spectrum, understands 100% of its subscribers' viewing behavior and delivers the entire television experience.

  • Supplement national buys with strategic, cost-effective solutions
  • Access 100+ domestic, Latino and international networks
  • Reach every U.S. DMA
  • Secure your place within live sporting and premium events


A highly controlled television advertising solution that leverages household demographic targeting on a national scale, directly connecting brands with their desired audience.

  • Gain exposure across 65 top-tier cable networks
  • Reach more than 7 million households
  • Deliver specific copy to an audience
  • Optimize impression delivery, frequency and pacing


With DISH's interactive platform, brands can leverage their existing 30-second spot, connecting with subscribers in a highly-engaging experience that creates actionable behaviors and yields tangible results.

  • Create an emotional connection to your brand
  • Drive brand objectives
  • Generate qualified leads
  • Stand out in a cluttered media environment


Through DISH Media Sales' innovative data solutions, advertisers are armed with insights to plan and buy media more efficiently.

  • Utilize one of the largest set-top box samples in the industry
  • Benefit from in-depth post campaign analysis not available in the traditional television marketplace
  • Access an arsenal of viewer measurement tools to effectively boost campaign performance